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Molecular Biology of Valvular Heart Disease

Global Heart valves will provide the up to date science in the field of valvular heart disease. Dr. Nalini Rajamannan is the chairman of the working group for the National Institute of Health, NHLBI on aortic valve disease. The goals of the working group is to understand the cellular mechanisms, clinical risk factors and genetics of aortic valve disease.




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Cardiac Valvular Medicine

Cardiac Valvular Medicine represents an overview of the most recent science, clinical trials

and new discoveries in the field of valvular heart disease. The editor has assembled a team

of highly experienced contributors to provide a thorough translational understanding

of the current and future treatments for this patient population. Cardiologists, internists,

family practice physicians, cardiac surgeons and basic scientists will all find enormous

benefit from this textbook.

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Osteocardiology: Cardiac Bone Formation is a practical overview of bone formation in the heart and is destined to become the cornerstone for education of medical students, residents, fellows, graduate students, physician scientists and scientists, for future research and ongoing development in medical therapies to slow or halt the progression of bone formation in the heart.

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